Neverwinter Dungeon Master Event is coming with astral diamonds for sale

Greetings Adventurers! It’s the most wonderful day (that is really a month) of the year! For the next few weeks you’ll be able to visit the Burrow Dawn Inn (as seen at the 2015 PAX Prime live show), be evaluated by Flabbergast and Mr. Snibbly, get mocked by some cheeky gargoyles, and more involving magic and dungeons!

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Both Respen’s and Portobello’s campaigns will be occurring during this time, each with tasks to offer during the month-long event. In between evaluations at the Burrow Dawn Inn, don’t forget to check the event queues for new ways to be tested! A new queue will open up each week, so be sure to check back regularly!

Week 1 – Trial of Traps – Starts Thursday, May 4 at 10am PT
Week 2 – Artificers Workshop – Starts Thursday, May 11 at 10am PT
Week 3 – A Rock Falls – Starts Thursday, May 18 at 10am PT
Week 4 – Strange Things at the Burrow Dawn Inn – Starts Thursday, May 25 at 10am PT
Players may also want to watch out to see if they are (un)fortunate enough to find their very own Beholder Personal Tank.
The illusionist Lukan has stumbled upon something beneath Neverwinter and has broken a ward keeping it sealed away. Join with unlikely allies and help keep the Sword Coast safe! In order to start this storyline, players must have completed the Cloaked Ascendancy campaign story arc.

Dev Blog: Featured Quests

Item Level Update

We’ve made an update to the Item Level system to make it a bit more accurate representation of player power, in terms of taking into account more varied sources and making the general rules more accurate. Boons, companions, companion gear, mount powers, and insignias now contribute to total Item Level, and the values given by gear and artifacts have been significantly increased. The Queue requirements have also been scaled in line with the item level increases.

We acknowledge that certain outliers, such as Bonding Runestones, will not be accurately represented in this system, but hope that the general improvements lead to a better experience for everyone.

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