Never miss Conquer Quaking Affix WOW & Self-Fulfilling Prophecy This Week

This week we will also have some new events in WOW 7.2 to conquer. One is Quaking Affix WOW. And another is Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, which is part of the Breaching the Tomb questline. In addition there is the Battleground Bonus Event and others following.

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Quaking Affix WOW and the other two affixes this week

There are three Mythic+ Affixes this week, which are Quaking, Teeming, Fortified.

As a new affix, Quaking WOW has drawn great attention, which allows players to launch shockwaves periodically and cause damage of 20% of maximum health to close-by allies.

Teeming will allow extra non-boss enemies to appear throughout the dungeon.

Fortified means non-boss enemies with 20% more health can cause 30% of maximum damage.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – Week 6 of the Breaching the Tomb questline

This week the new quest Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is waiting for you to complete, if you want to finish the questline Breaching the Tomb. This quest requires you to complete 12 World Quests on the Broken Shore. And then you will be rewarded Unity of the Orders and Legionfall War Supplies. Just note that before completing Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, you must complete the previous quests up to Mark of the Sentinax.

Battleground Bonus Event from May 2 to May 8

You can accept Battleground Bonus Event quest from Archmage Timear in Dalaran, and then complete four Battlegrounds randomly. Finally you will receive 5 Mark of Honor tokens, a Badge of Honor and a Glory of the Melee Arfifact Power token. With the Mark of Honor tokens you can buy PvP Transmog gear in order to get the Azeroth’s Next Top Model achievement more quickly. What’s more, you can obtain 50% more Honor with Sign of Battle buff.

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