Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions provides corporate concierge services to Businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions is a corporate concierge and lifestyle management company for executives and employees. Jeluxxe offers time saving solutions for those struggling to balance the demands of work and personal commitments.

Toronto, ON, May 4th, 2017 – Corporate concierge services is a way for employees looking to get errands done but don’t have the time during their busy work day to complete. Employers now have the option to outsource these tasks and have them completed efficiently, while the employee focuses on increasing productivity in the office. Jeluxxe corporate concierge and lifestyle services are a great enhancement to a company’s benefit package.

According to Fortune Magazine, “39% of 100 Best Companies to Work For” are currently offering this service to their employees. Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions handles every request and can tailor its services to a client’s needs. Popular requests include event planning, grocery and gift shopping ,travel booking, automobile acquisition and service follow ups, etc. “We are in the business to satisfy our client’s every need – most employees are averaging 60 hour work weeks, which makes it difficult to find time to complete unrelated work tasks leaving one feeling guilty and stressed,” says Janeen Alyssa, President of Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions.

Whether you’re a high-level Executive or Receptionist, you’re just as valuable to the company you work for. There is always something that needs to be done throughout the work day but not enough time to do it. You can count on Jeluxxe to create a solution for you.

To learn more about Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions, visit or contact 647-705-5618

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