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At the alpha of April, there was a poll to Apache Alcove revamp. Today, osrs new apache dungeons acquire been put into use, like Chasm of Blaze and acclimatized Nieve’s Cave. Actuality is the annual of osrs bew apache dungeons, as able-bodied as the adjacent teleports. All Old School Runescape Gold players can buy arrangement rs 2007 gold now to go ahead.

The afterward is the annual of osrs new apache dungeons. All of the monsters in the annual beneath are alone killable on task.

1. Nieve Apache Cave now offers Bloodveld, Ankou, Aberrant specters, Hellhounds, and Blaze giants, and the added creatures has been relocated.

2. OSRS Chasm of Blaze is amid in the arctic end of the Shayzien Encampment, breadth you will accommodated Lesser Demons, Greater Demons and Atramentous Demons one afterwards one as you go deeper. And the DJR bogie ring has been relocated to adjacent the admission of the Chasm of Fire.

3. Atramentous Dragons and Baby Atramentous Dragons are amid in Taverley Dungeon.

4. Waterfiends, Cave Kraken, as able-bodied as a allowance to activity the Kraken itself are in Kraken Cove.

5. Kalphite Hive has been relocated from Nieve’s Cave to the Kharidian desert, just alfresco of the Shantay Pass.

6. A new breadth with added metal dragons has been added into Brimhaven Dungeon. Besides, a added admission has been added just West of Tai Bwo Wannai. Application this admission requires players to pay Banisoch a one-off fee of 5,000 osrs trading sticks.

7. Apache Tower Alcove has been expanded, and now it is abounding of Nechryael, Abyssal Demons, Bloodveld, and Gargoyles. Besides, the new breadth beneath Apache Tower is single-way activity and is not cannonable.

8. The smokey breadth from Nieve’s Cave has been relocated to be south of Castle Wars. Now it is alleged Smoke Devil Dungeon.

Teleports abutting to the new OSRS apache dungeons

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The afterward is the annual of teleport locations adjacent the apache dungeons. Note that it may not accommodate everything.

1. Kalphite Hive
Amulet of Glory – Al Kharid
Fairy ring – b.i.q – Kalphite lair
Necklace of Passage – Eagle Transport – Uzer hunter Breadth Achievement Diary Cape Teleport – Jarr – Shantay Pass

2. Smoke cave
Castle Wars – Dueling Ring
Fairy Ring – b.k.p – Chompy Hunting Ground

3. Brimhaven
Tai Bwo Wannai teleport scroll
PoH teleport to Brimhaven and run south
Fairy ring – c.k.r – south of tai bwo

4. Taverly
Taverly PoH Teleport
Run from Falador

5. Apache basement
Slayer Ring Teleport
Run from Canifis – Kharyrll Teleport
Achievement cape – Le-sabrè
Fairy ring – c.k.s – Mort Myre Swamp Entrance

6. Chasm of Fire
Fairy Ring – d.j.r (moving from accustomed loc)
Xerics Talisman

7. Kraken Cove
Fairy ring – a.k.q – Piscatoris Hunter Area
Tree Gnome Stronghold
Western Banner Teleport
Piscatoris Teleport Scroll

All of the aloft updates acquire been reside in Old Academy Runescape already. We achievement the aloft tips are attainable for you to do new osrs apache dungeon. Besides, you can as well buy arrangement rs 2007 gold on our website if you need.

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