Dairy Industry in India

Navi Mumbai, India : Market Reports on India present the latest report on “Dairy Industry in India”dairy farming is now evolving from just an agrarian way of life to a professionally managed industry – the Indian dairy industry.

On the demand side, the situation is buoyant. With the sustained growth of the Indian economy and a consequent rise in the purchasing power during the last two decades, more and more people today are able to afford milk and various other dairy products. This trend is expected to continue with the sector experiencing a robust growth in demand in the short and medium run. If the impediments in the way of growth and development are left unaddressed, India is likely to face a serious supply – demand mismatch and it may gradually turn into a substantial importer of milk and milk products.

Dairy Industry in India 2017 Edition: Market Size, Growth, Prices, Segments, Cooperatives, Private Dairies, Procurement and Distribution”, which is the fifth edition of our highly acclaimed publication. The study is an outcome of an intensive research of the Indian dairy industry that draws upon a comprehensive analysis of every major dairy segment in India. The study, which is based both on desk research and four waves of qualitative primary research, has delved deeply into the following aspects of the Indian dairy market:

Comprehensive situation analysis of the Indian dairy market and its dynamics:
Segments covered: Milk, UHT Milk, Flavoured Milk, Curd, Flavoured & Frozen Yoghurts, Probiotic Products, Lassi, Buttermilk, Butter, Ghee, Paneer, Cheese, Khoya, Cream, Skimmed Milk Powder, Dairy Whiteners, Sweet Condensed Milk, Ice Cream, Whey and Dairy Sweets

– Focus of the analysis in each segment:

– Drivers and challenges in each market

– Historical, current and future sales trends

– Historical, current and future volume trends

– Historical, current and future price trends

– Size and analysis of the organized and unorganized markets

– Structure of the market

– Key players and products available in these markets

Understanding India’s Foreign Trade in the Dairy Industry
Focus of the analysis in each segment:
• Import volumes
• Import values
• Export volumes
• Export values

Understanding Milk Procurement and Distribution in India
Focus of the analysis
• Milk procurement models of private dairies and cooperatives
• Milk procurement prices in India
• Milk distribution models of private dairies and cooperatives
• Challenges of milk procurement and distribution in India

Understanding the Technical and Financial Requirements for Setting up a Dairy Plant
Focus of the analysis
• Cost of setting up a dairy plant in India
• Loans and financing
• Techno – economic parameters
• Expected income and expenditures

Understanding the Government Policies in the Dairy Sector
Focus of the analysis:
• Regulatory framework
• Government initiatives
• Duty structure

Evaluation of all Major Cooperatives and Private Dairies in India
Focus of the analysis:
• Organization Overview
• Financials and Processing Capacity
• Product Portfolio

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