How to choose the right rubber air hose for your air compressor

As a worker, sometimes you may be in trouble of choosing a coil of rubber air hose for your air compressor machine. We will introduce some tips of choosing excellent spare parts for machine. We can divide them into three parts: rubber air hose, air hose quick couplings and air compressor machine.

An air compressor hose is a device that converts power into potential energy stored in pressurized air. The above definition is from Wikipedia. And compressors can be classified according to the pressure delivered:

1) Low-pressure air compressors, which have a discharge pressure of 150PSI or less.

2) Medium-pressure compressors which have a discharge pressure of 150PSI to 1,000 psi.

3)High-pressure air compressors, which have a discharge pressure above 1000 PSI.

It is enough for sandblasting work to use 150PSI. So we choose low pressure air compressors to connect with our rubber air hose.

A rubber hose is a tube to delivery air or fluid through this end to another end. Its mainly raw material is SBR rubber for air hose. It usually has one textile yarn braid as its reinforcement layer. It will let this hose can reach about 300PSI. Air compressor hose size usually from 1/4” to 2” with smooth surface or wrapped surface according to final consumer’s taste. The rubber air hose is usually made in black or yellow. It is more likely breathing air hose which connected with air compressor and blasting helmet. Non toxic material can be ensure worker’s healthy through such blue or yellow breathing air hose.

You must use some quick couplings to connect different length blasting hoses, such sandblasting hose quick couplings are easy to connect and open when you need to work or not. Somax quick couplings are made by Nylon, Aluminum, Brass and Carbon steel. We will offer to you whatever you need.

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