How To Get Zero down Bad Credit Auto Loans With No Money Down ?

Cars have become an absolute necessity as a reliable means of transport today. But, one major problem that almost everyone financing a car faces is that of down payment. Luckily, these days there are a number of lenders that offer no money down auto financing. So, you do not really have to sweat over saving funds towards down payment.

It is true that due to the economic downturn and people suffering damages to their credit scores, majority of lenders are cautious when offering guaranteed approval. As such, they demand down payments to cover risks. You, therefore need to connect with lenders that deal in bad credit zero down auto loans if you wish to buy a car without making a substantial down payment.

Usually lenders ask for 20% of the vehicles price as down payment. However, apart from 0 down auto loans bad credit, there are alternative ways to avoid down payments. Many people opt to trade in their old car in lieu of down payment. This is a good option as it helps reduce your loan amount as well as the monthly repayment installments. Lenders are quite open to this option and are ready to offer zero down car loans bad credit as this lowers their risk considerably.

What should you do if you do not have an old car to trade in for bad credit zero down auto loans? You can use the rebates that the manufacturers offer on your new car. Speak to your dealer to use these rebates as down payment so you can save on putting down your own money as down payment.


Another, yet not so popular, method to get zero down car loans bad credit is to get a cosigner. The cosigner can be anyone from your family, friends or close acquaintance who can take up the responsibility of repayment on your behalf. The cosigner should be someone who enjoys a good credit score and has a better income than yours. The lenders are quite open to offering bad credit zero down auto loans when you get a cosigner. So, if you delay or default on the payments, the cosigner will have to take up the responsibility, in the process damaging his/her credit. So, be careful when you choose this option.

With minimal paperwork such as proof of adequate monthly income, or income tax returns, you can secure 0 down auto loans bad credit.

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