5 Summer Wedding Trends to WOW Your Guests

MONTREAL, QC (May 1, 2017)—Wedding and event expert Marie Adolphe of M.A. Signature Event Planning shared five summer wedding trends that can be personalized with special touches and make all the difference at weddings for Summer 2017.

“Summer is the biggest wedding season and chances are that guests will be invited to several weddings this year,” says Adolphe. “These Summer Wedding Trends will help couples make their wedding one-of-a-kind and WOW their guests.”

Set the tone with a pre-cocktail

For guests who arrive early to the ceremony, couples can prepare a refreshing drink for them to enjoy using fancy dispensers of water infused with fruits. This is an economical way to create a superb visual impact and keep guests hydrated on a sunny day.

It starts with the aisle!

The brides’ entrance is the most anticipated moment of the ceremony. To make the aisle as memorable as the moment, develop a custom designed element to attach to the seats and couples can really think outside of the box here and incorporate unusual or uncommon elements.

The doubly duty wedding gown

More and more, brides love to show their personality by changing their dress at the reception. A great trend this summer will be the removable skirt. Brides get 1 dress for 1 price and 2 great looks!

Let’s lift our heads to the sky!

The reception is also a highly anticipated moment of the wedding day, so the decor can not disappoint.  Create an inviting atmosphere with interesting decorative elements. Remember that this summer everything goes up! Hanging flowers, chandelier, light fixtures and even hanging cakes are great ideas to explore. Vertical space is maximized so that guests have a full visual experience from top to bottom.

The feast!

Guests will certainly remember, whether they have eaten well or not, so pay very close attention to the cuisine to really deliver an evening they won’t soon forget.

Food stations are still very much in vogue, but what’s even better is that late snack-table for evening cravings after burning a ton of calories on the dance floor. Go for mini-burgers, mini pizzas or even mini grilled cheese! Guests will be more than delighted!


Marie Adolphe is the founder of M.A. Signature Event Planning and Creative Director for Bride & Groom Canada Magazine. Marie specializes in event design and planning of posh and unique events.

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