Experience the Serene Beauty of Sri Lanka at Nirmala Villa

Nirmala Villa is an authentic Ayurveda Hotel with an Ecological beauty and charming natural environment of evergreen trees, fresh air, amazing climate and calmness. We are located in Habaraduwa of Galle district right between the two world famous beaches of Unawatuna and Koggala.

Nirmala Villa is an Ayurvedic themed hotel, with amazing features, the large ancient boulder walls surrounding the hotel gives it a feel of a fortress. The rooms are fully furnished and comfortable, with large balconies surround in midst of huge lush green tress and chirping birds. This is the best place to get away from the noisy cities and relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Unawatuna – Enjoy by the beach

This place is an amazing beach with turquoise waters, which makes it perfect for swimming. The Unawatuna Coral reefs are the best tourist attractions here. The long coast line, the blue water, the long seashore with huge coconut trees are the best Romantic Places Koggala . You can also visit Japanese Peace Pagoda, Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya Buddhist Temple and Turtle Hatcheries here.

Nirmala Villa offers you amazing packages to travel the Unawatuna beach and is also amazing staying facilities like best Bed and Breakfast Unawatuna, The honeymoon suites Unawatuna are also very pleasing.


Koggala – Beauty at its best

Just 8 km away from Nirmala Villa is the coastal town of Koggala which on the edge of a lagoon. Koggala is much uncluttered and comparatively unexplored than Unawatuna. The Koggala reef is very attractive. There are many other attractive places as well which are a must watch; The Koggala Lake, Kataluva Purvarama Maha Viharay and the Stilt Fishermen.

Nirmala Suites offer you the excellent Honeymoon suites Koggala, The surrounding are so calm and comfortable at very attractive prices. Also the Bed and Breakfast Koggala is amazing.  The romantic places Koggala are a must visit, the beauty is simply breathtaking.

Ayurvedic Therapy

Get rid of all the stress and trauma that you get from city life. The Ayurvedic therapy which we offer you, will relax you mind and body and you will witness a great sense of calmness and peace. The herbs used in the treatment are made of 100% chemical free and natural herbs. Our quiet and mysterious environment compliments it very well to give you a very peaceful experience.


For more Details :

Address: Nirmala Villa, 21/18 A, Liyanagoda, Habaraduwa, 80630, Sri Lanka.
Tel:      +94 77 1922076,   +94 91 5630282
E-mail:      info@nirmalavilla.com

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