Take Advantage of Cat Tools

Technology advancements are meant to simplify things for us and to make them easier. At present we have access to all sorts of programs and software that are designed to assist us with our job and that do an excellent job. This is also the case with cat tools, which have become a necessity for those who translate complex projects on a regular basis. It is entirely up to the translator to decide whether he would like to use one cat tool or more. What matters is that he and the customer are satisfied with the results.

Translator agencies want to take on as many projects as possible. Although it is quite easy to accept new orders, the difficult part is to maintain a high quality standard for all of these orders and to be able to respect the deadlines. If you love your job as a translator and you would like to become better and more efficient you should definitely invest in cat tools. If you would like to know who uses these tools and why you should read on. To begin with, numerous companies need to translate texts and documents that contain a specific terminology.

When translating legal, financial projects or scientific texts that abound in terminology it is a lot easier to create a glossary and use it for your project. With a cat tool you can create a glossary that can be used within the same interface of the translation editor. This means that you do not have to open a separate program whenever you have to search for terminology. This will definitely save you time and effort but even more it will ensure the consistent use of the terminology.

Also, we should not forget about concordance that plays an essential role in the consistency of terminology. This is a cat tool that enables you to search for a term in the TM so that you can see how it was translated before. Although there are some translators that claim that these tools are not useful and they are not worth the investment, the truth is that these innovative cat tools offer various advantages. Although there are situations when these tools cannot help there are more situations when they can.

To summarize, if you have to choose between an agency that uses such tools and one that doesn’t you should opt for the first version. These tools are highly versatile, they offer different capabilities and they are available at different prices. An aspect that cannot be denied is that these tools facilitate project management and they enable the work of several translators in a specific file and at the same time. Furthermore, these tools are designed to meet any need and budget.

Resource box: We offer high quality translations thanks to our skilled translators that master the latest cat tools. If you want us to use a specific cat tool for the translation you just have to tell us.

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