One of the best universities to pursue dual degrees in Business & Finance

Al Nasser UniversityNor everyone in the world can become a doctor or a surgeon. For every one student who gets admission into a medical college, at least ten students do not. They do not have to despair at all. There are alternative courses available in the field of medicine such as Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Pharmacology, etc.

The Pharmacology degree enables the student to learn the nuances of the formulation of medicines. They get jobs in pharmaceutical companies in important posts. Students having a research orientation can proceed for the masters and Ph.D. in the respective subjects. These are very popular courses with many students vying for admission, making the entire process a competitive one.

This University offers a variety of courses such as sciences, humanities, pharmacy, nursing, literature, and accounting. The accounting and finance degrees are very popular because this university is one of the few offering dual degree courses in Business & Finance.

The dual degree courses have many advantages in the sense that you acquire two degrees in the time you would have got one in the normal course. Secondly, these subjects of accounting and finance have many courses in common. Doing individual degrees can result in repetition of courses thereby resulting in wasting of precious time in the life of a student.

The dual degree courses go into the details of subjects such as commercial law, banking, risk management, insurance, oil companies accounting, etc. This makes the student become an expert in the field of business and finance. He/She acquires enough knowledge to venture into the capital markets of the world.

In addition, this University has tie-up arrangements with certain universities in foreign countries. This enables the student exchange programs as well. The al-Nasser University is the biggest one in Yemen where students from all over the Middle East countries enroll for their higher studies.

A degree from this University is a prized possession for any student. This University equips the student with all the requisite knowledge to succeed in the competitive world. For more info visit

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