Corruption in the Garment Industry? Who knew?

Corruption in the Garment Industry? Who knew?

The Author of the upcoming book ***, Lies & 7th Avenue will rip off the veil of secrecy in the fashion industry- know to insiders as the “garment Center” to expose the underbelly and corruption of an industry that has secretly swept all their illicit behavior under the preverbal carpet.

And just how is the author aware of all of this corruption, one might ask? Well, if you know anything about the fashion industry, you know that she is a player, and a well known designer and merchandising expert who has been an integral part of that worldwide multi-billion dollar, business here. She has spent over twenty-five years in the apparel, lingerie, shape wear and sleep wear divisions of Jordache, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Avon, and many other famous brand name apparel manufacturers on 7th Avenue. She has also worked closely with many famous celebrities brands and has co-founded several brands of her own.

Her book details explicitly the widespread corruption in the garment industry and how child labor, racism, employee exploitation, monetary and intellectual property theft, sexual harassment, bullying and the blatant degradation of workers rights are commonplace activities in this, up to now, sweet smelling and innocent appearing business called “The Garment Center.” Her book uncovers the gritty under belly of how your clothes get from the drawing board to the sewing machine and onto the shelves of stores at any cost.

You will see how they travel through the deviant and dishonest control of people who have no scruples when it comes to pocketing someone else’s money or humiliating and intimidating someone through sexual harassment, theft of wages and intellectual property.

Lying, empty promises and not paying legitimate bills for services rendered are the norm in most contracts that are rarely upheld, and cutting people out of their hard-earned profits because of their gender or race is just a typical part of doing business in any garment district in the world. Not paying people is routine. After all, they don’t want to have to charge the customer too much for the clothing, do they?

So, they just make every one behind the scenes suck it up on a regular basis and put in many more hours of sweat, blood and tears than they are ever paid for.

Not paying over millions of dollars to vendors, designers, modeling agencies, contractors, along with office and space rental fees is apparently considered par for the course with some unsavory clothing executive’s who don’t miss a beat as they take credit for other people’s creativity.

Does she name names? You bet your designer handbag she does. Some of the biggest names in the fashion industry will be exposed for their dirty underhanded tactics and some major celebs will be exposed along with the very questionable, unethical methods they all used when dealing with designers and everyone else involved with the projects that they were connected with.

This book will change how people vying to get into this so called “glamorous”
Industry will think twice before choosing this profession and subjecting them selves to the horrors of “the Garment center”.

So, apparently, the garment industry is not all it is cracked up to be. The lace and bows are just frills that belie much deeper and darker secrets. That beautifully made, freshly pressed and folded piece of clothing sitting on a dust-free display in your favorite store looks fine on the surface; but perhaps you should ask yourself just how it got there and what it witnessed on its journey from concept to cash register-you will be shocked to learn the truth and may end up not wearing that brand out of integrity for the people who were never paid and cheated out of their rightful shot at fame.
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