Wow 7.2 Hotfixes is coming for wow gold 7% off sale

A damn big batch of hotfixes today, it seems they were accumulating over the weekend. The main focus is class tuning for Mages, Hunters, Priests, Shamans, Rogues and Warlocks, and additional changes in PvP for Mages and Hunters. The rest is the now standard Broken Shore tweaks, some Legion companion app upgrades and more.

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The way to unlock the Pet Battle Dungeon Deadmines

At first you need to complete the Wailing Caverns Pet Battle Dungeon on Normal, and then at the Pet Shop in Dalaran you go to see Breanni, who will offer the quest “Deadmines, Part Three?”. This quest will allow you to see Marcus “Bagman” Brown in Westfall, where you will receive the final quest “The Deadmines Strike Back”. At last, you can have access to the Pet Battle Dungeon Deadmines by talking to Marcus Brown.

The seven stages you need to go through in the Pet Battle Dungeon Deadmines

At first, in Foe Reaper’s room you will face a battle pet – Junk Reaper 500.

Secondly, you need to clear the cave where you will confront Unfortunate Defias, Angry Geode and four common backline pets.

Thirdly, to get through the door you need to defeat a rare 25 beast – the Mining Monkey and two common backline pets.

Fourthly, you will encounter the last remaining oaf – “Captain” Klutz after the monkey from the last stage destroys the door with a cannon.

Fifthly, to disable the cannons which are under the control of some creatures, you need to fight with Klutz’s pets and common backline pets on the ship.

In the last two stages, you need to defeat a Shadowy Figure and Cookie’s Leftovers.

The rewards you can receive once you complete Pet Battle Dungeon Deadmines

When completing Pet Battle Dungeon Deadmines on Normal, you will be awarded Manapoof Link: Westfall with a quick port to Deadmines.

While completing the challenge mode of Pet Battle Dungeon Deadmines, you will get Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines with Pocket Cannon.

In addition, if you complete it weekly, you will obtain Mr. Smite’s Supplies with Pet Reaper 50 or Tricorne included.

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