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On the release day of the Cloaked Ascendancy on consoles, we are going to brief you guys on the gear, balance changes and the new group content. Yesterday we already covered the story, new adventure map and campaign. So in case you missed it make sure to head over to that article as well!

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Neverwinter’s Module 11 is widely seen as a catch-up module, because it does not introduce new best-in-slot gear. The Cloaked Ascendancy features four Artifact Weapon sets with bonuses slightly inferior to Relics. So in case you already own those, you should pretty much still be fine.

The so-called Ascended sets are mainly for those that either can’t get into Svardborg or refused to commit to the grind for the special Marks. Ascended weapons can be bought in the campaign store and need to be restored with new resources as well, but are then refined the old-fashioned way.

The new weapons do add some variety however that might be interesting even for those already owning Relics. The “Mirage” set is the PVP one, “Aboleth” for DPS, “Fey” for AP/healers and “Lifeforged” for tanks. Click through the related articles below to get a detailed description of the new set bonuses. With the exception of “Mirage” all sets are fully obtainable in solo content, making them a very viable choice for alts. The devs unfortunately do not hand them out for free however. Players need to grind the River District for quite some time, but at least they don’t run into any item level or endgame dungeon gates.

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