Launch of Kalbaisakhi 1424, A calendar by Intellectual photographer Devajit Chakraborty

Kolkata: A much awaited calendar launch is creating a buzz in Kolkata which is scheduled on 25th April’2017. Celebrating the onset of New Bengali Year that was on 15th April’2017, Devajit Chakraborty presents Kalbaisakhi 1424 in association with AD Ideas Pvt Ltd.

Devajit Chakraborty is an intellectual Photographer who captures people with the emotion of telling storiess through them. The calendar Kalbaisakhi 1424 is one of a kind which includes models from all genders i.e Men, Women and Transgender. This calendar is an initiative towards social Inclusion of Transgender. Gender Equality is not just a pressing issue for women it is for Transgender as well.

The unveiling of the Calendar will take place at Café Heritage on 25th April at 12:30 PM.

Name of the Models in the Calendar: 

1) Mou Baidya (Tollywood Actress)

2) Indrakshi Dey

3) Riti Chowdhury

4) Konika Roy

5) Puja Joseph

6) Shreya Karmakar

7) Ssimmo

8) Amal Das

9) Subham Jain

10) Rajiv Sharma

Makeup Artists: 

1)Surajit Sarkar

2)Mithu Dhar Chowdhury

Fashion Designer: 

Samrat Ghosh

Editing Studio: Color Clouds Studio

Loction of Shoot: AP Studio

Concept and Designs by: Mr. Atul Dalmia (Group Chairman of AD Ideas Pvt Ltd)

Visualized and Photographed by: Mr. Devajit Chakraborty

About Devajit Chakraborty:  

Devajit Chakraborty is popular in the Tollywood circuit as immensely talented photographer who brings about life in the lifeless photograph. He has a 10 years experience in Production, Direction and Celebrity Management and has tried his skills in both Bollywood and Tollywood. Photography is his Passion.

He started his early career in corporate sales and was successful with his career in the field of Marketing. But, this artist was not contended and decides to quit his job and pursue the hobby of photography as his profession.

“Kalbaisakhi” was first launched in 2016 and was very popular in Orissa. This year with Kalbaisakhi 2017,  Devajit Chakraborty is trying to touch the subject of Social Inclusion of Transgender.


Venue: Café Heritage (Near Ravindra Sarobar Metro Station)

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