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As the first new class since the launch of ESO, Warden needs to be learned so much. Here we will take a deep dive into its skill lines and abilities for those players who have great interest in Warden. At the same time you need to store enough cheap ESO Gold in your account for the launch of Morrowind.

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The basic setting for Warden skills

As Warden you can protect, heal or deal damage with the wilds of Tamriel, for it’s based on nature, which is exactly the other four present classes lack. That means there are basically three skill lines for Warden, which are Animal Companion for damage, Green Balance for healing, and Winter’s Embrace for tanking.

For these three skill lines there are five big active abilities , one big ultimate ability and four big passive abilities respectively.

Animal Companion

Basically, strong creatures can be summoned by Warden to offer help and attack the foes with Animal Companions.

The five big active abilities are Dive, Scorch, Swarm, Betty Netch and Falcon’s Swiftness. For example: Dive can deal Magic Damage or summon a Cliff Racer to annoy the enemies.

The one big ultimate ability is Feral Guardian, which can summon a grizzly to help you, and its swipe also can deal Magic Damage.

Its four passive abilities are Bond With Nature, Savage Beast, Flourish and Advanced Species.

Green Balance

Green Balance is very useful especially when your teammates are hurt, for it can attract healing and protective boons from nature. One of the five active abilities “Healing Seed” can heal 6 teammates in a certain area with flowers that blossom in six seconds.

Winter’s Embrace

When using Winter’s Embrace, you mainly want to defend, for Warden can build defensive barriers and shields with the cold.

Sleet Storm – as the one big ultimate ability can create a fierce storm with 10-meter radius. In this area it does not only protect the teammates with Major Protection and reduce the incoming Damage by 30%, but also result in 6 enemies to take Frost Damage every 1 second for 8 seconds and reduce their Movement Speed by 70%.

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