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April 15, 2017: If you have trouble getting to sleep at night you may want to consider using sound machines. Sleep aid machine is specifically devised for all those people who want a sound sleep. To relish the pleasure of relaxing sleep try these fantastic machines. Sleep sound machines are generally known as white noise generator machines, because these machines produce mild and tranquilizing sounds like wind, falling water and whispering air.

Eversolo white noise generator is the only sound machine in the world that supports mixing all kinds of sounds. This product will be available in May on Amazon. This machine differs from other products in the market as you can customize your specific sound by combining different white noises. Eversolo white noise generator produces ten different high quality white noises that enable you to sleep by preventing distractions such as the barking of your neighbor’s dog, snoring, door slamming and traffic outside your window.

This product support AUX external audio input and wireless Bluetooth speaker system which enable listening music through your mobile device or other music player. Eversolo white noise generator helps you to sleep by blocking distractions and reducing stress as well as produce voices that are designed to emulate real environment. It creates a quite bedroom environment when your brain is disturbed by other noise or still taking in auditory input. Eversolo can pacify babies to make baby cry less and have a better sleep. If you are having troubles getting to sleep at night, you can purchase Eversolo white noise generator to have a complete relax at your leisure.

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Eversolo white noise generator is an amazing sleep aid machine that produces ten high quality white noises and all the voices are designed to emulate a real environment which let you enjoy a peaceful sleep. The products will be available in May on Amazon. For more information visit


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