Reasons to Use Translation API

Nowadays service providers do their best to simplify things for their customers and this is also the case with translation agencies. Reputed translation agencies put at your disposal an efficient translation API that enables you to submit for translation a large volume of material. Whether you need technical translations or other types of translations this API is a wonderful tool.

Organizations or individuals with high-volume translation needs will be pleased to discover what translation API can do for them. First of all, this application enables you to automate your workflow by integrating a highly efficient translation services directly into your content management systems. This application is integrated into your existing CMS and it enables you to translate large volumes of material. We are not wrong to say that this application provides numerous advantages that should not be ignored: it is fast and reliable, it is easy to implement and to use, it is cost-effective and it is designed to cater to high volume translation needs.

If you have second thoughts as to whether or not you should use translation API you should know that this application is worth the investment and it will help you save money in the long run. When you add text to the CMS, this text will be automatically uploaded to your translators and afterwards it will be loaded back into the CMS once it is translated. This application is easy to install, it work with most of the available systems and it does not require any training because it does everything automatically. This is the perfect solution for high-capacity customers and for those who need to translate high volumes of technical documents.

It is needless to say that technical translations are not easy. Translating a technical document is a overwhelming task, one that poses numerous challenges even to experienced translators. Technical documents such as user guides, owner’s manuals, instruction or directions for use contain specialized key terminologies. In order to translate a technical document the translator needs to be familiar with the key terminology and to understand and stick to the writing conventions. Usually, about ten percent of the content is terminology and the rest is natural language.

Technology and culture affect different factors; the translated document should be culturally appropriate and it should present the correct meaning. When it comes to technical translations one must keep up with the creation of new terminology. New terminology is created at a great speed these days and this is a challenge even for experienced translators. Moving on, in order to translate a document a translator needs to have adequate knowledge of the subject matter. He cannot go around it and he must do appropriate research to ensure the document is translated correctly.

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