Help Richard Lanning to Defeat Seizure Disorder

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April 14, 2017: Richard Lanning is working at a Behavioral hospital with volunteer patients to assist involuntary patients. However, coping on the job is not possible for him as he is suffering from seizure disorder. He is constantly fighting against this disease until he won the battle. It is really in a tough situation to live life on a daily basis with the fear that he could have a seizure anywhere, at any time, in front of anyone.

No matter how well adjusted or how well he is trying to control the stress, he need help to handle it appropriately. Though, he has insurance but that does not cover much of his medical bills. Therefore, he needs the assistance of the open-minded people who could help him in this hard situation. In order to start his treatment he has to go for an EEG test but owes $1197 of medical bills and unable to raise the minimum payment required for this test.

So, he has started a crowd funding campaign hoping to find some financial support to get this test done and assist in the payment of his medical bills. Contributors can help him with $10, $100, $500, $1000 or any amount, which would be much appreciated and well used. He feels grateful for everyone who has taken the time to read his campaign and those who contributed will get 100% tax deduction of their donation up to the limits set by the IRS. Even the smallest effort of anyone will not go unnoticed. Richard will constantly keep you updated on what your donation helped him to achieve.

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