Gary Palmer : Actor | Miscellaneous Crew | Director | producer | Entrepreneur

Gary Palmer is the guy to look up too. He has the greatest idea and he looks out for people when they need him. Gary Palmer has been in many films and TV shows.

His birthday is in May of the 29th day in the year of 1994 and He was born in Los Angeles, CA.

Gary Palmer is good with technology. He is also an incredible Actor. Gary Palmer loves to meet new people and his current friends.

Gary Palmer (full name : Gary palmer) is a 22 years old Actor | Miscellaneous Crew | Director | producer | Entrepreneur. Gary Palmer was born in Los Angeles. Gary Palmer’s birthday is 29 May 1994.

Gary Palmer’s star sign (horoscope) is Gemini. Gary Palmer’s US based birthstone is Emerald. Gary Palmer’s UK based birthstone is Emerald & Chrysoprase. Gary Palmer’s Vedic based birthstone is Emerald.

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