Pursue the most convenient and best dual-degree programs at Al Nasser University

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This is a competitive world. One has to be ready to equip with the latest knowledge to survive in this industry. At the same time, one cannot waste their years studying overlapping courses in the field of Finance and Accounting. The Al Nasser University in Yemen offers some of the best dual- degree programs in these important subjects.

These courses take the same time for completion as the individual courses do. Therefore, you are able to save valuable time because you acquire two qualification degrees in the same time you would have taken for one otherwise.

Finance and Accounting have many aspects in common. Therefore, acquiring a dual degree makes sense. These courses are practical in nature enabling the student to do analytical thinking. The student can develop his problem solving skills with these degrees as well. This University concentrates on the practical aspects of accounting and finance. Hence, a student graduating from this University with the dual degree is ready to step out into the big bad world of business.

The degree involves he completion of various courses in a range of subjects. This includes the basics of commercial law and banking. Any business concern would have to take risks to survive. When you have to take the risks, it is better to know the repercussions. This can enable you to take calculated risks. This University emphasizes the importance of risk management and deals in insurance matters in detail.

You get the latest knowledge about the financial markets. The world is moving towards a unified accounting system. This course is the perfect one for mastering this system. Yemen is an oil-producing nation. The oil producing industries have a different methodology of accounting. A student passing out of this college becomes proficient in this aspect of education as well.

The University places great emphasis on computerization. All the bachelors degree programs conducted by the university focuses on computerized accounting applications.

There are tremendous career opportunities for students passing out of this university. They can get jobs in the Arab countries as well as overseas. The University has collaborations with RMIT University, Middlesex University, and the City University of Seattle. This is ample proof that the courses conducted by this University have international acclaim. For more info visit http://www.al-edu.com/