Short-term Bridge Loan Program for Small Business

UK based Bridge loan lender, Bridge Direct, can offer short-term bridging loans for small and medium scale businesses with affordable interest rates. 

Bridge Loans are short-term loans that can be used to help ‘bridge the gap’ and fulfill any type of financial requirement. These are commonly used when looking to buy a new property without selling your existing property. However, it is becoming increasingly common for these types of loans to be used for any type of financial requirements, such as paying large tax bills, kick-starting new project and helping to finish off projects requiring more funding.

Bridge Direct offers short-term bridge loans and can offer the best deals for any type of bridge loan application, even if you have bad credit history or bad credit finance.

Bridge loans are short-term financial solutions which can be used at any time. So, whether you are looking to buy a new property without selling an existing, or buying at auction and need to make the completion before a mortgage or long-term loan is approved, Bridge Direct may have a bridge loan solution for you.

Below are the few advantages you will find when using Bridge Direct for your Bridge loans:

Highly Experienced and Talented Team

The team at Bridge Direct has over 30 years of lending experience and will understand all your financial requirements thoroughly, ensuring the right deal is made for you.

Competitive Interest Rates:

The interest rates can differ drastically when you compare your normal loans with Bridge loans. But Bridge Direct will offer the best possible deal on Bridge loan. As Bridge Direct are lenders and not brokers, not only do you cut out the middlemen, but you will ensure you get an instant decision and the best deal possible.

Fast Approvals and Funding

When applying for Bridge loan with Bridge Direct, as they are lenders and not brokers, you will be guaranteed an instant decision on your application. With direct access to funds, in some cases, it may be possible to have funds approved for your loan on the same day.

Satisfied Clients throughout the UK

At Bridge Direct, you will find the majority of our customers are repeat customers. We have satisfied customers throughout the UK and they will choose Bridge Direct time and time again as their first option for bridge loans and bridging finance.

When you are planning to take any kind of short-term finance in the UK, Bridge Direct may have a deal for you, even if you have bad credit history or bad credit finance.

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