Neverwinter astral diamonds for sale: Two-hour Neverwinter Down to fix Classes

In a few hours, March 30 at 7AM PT, Neverwinter PC will be under maintenance for about two hours. At the same time there will be some new patch notes (Version: NW.75.20170306d.8) uncovered. They are mainly about Neverwinter Cleric, Oathbound Paladin, and Cloaked Ascendancy Portal Stones etc.

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The Change About Content, Classes, Items and Localization

Some fire jet sources will not be destroyed by accident any longer in Kabal’s demiplane.

There will be some changes about Neverwinter Cleric and Oathbound Paladin. The changes about Neverwinter Cleric mainly focus on Divine Glow, Lance of Faith and Prophecy of Doom.

The specific contents are:

The damage by Divine Glow has increased by 30%;

The tooltip for Lance of Faith can reflects its latest functionality exactly right now;

When handling damage upon expiration Prophecy of Doom will take its own damage taken debuff into account.

And Oathbound Paladin will change something about Divine Call.

Neverwinter also will alter something about Cloaked Ascendancy Portal Stones and several localization fixes.

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