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animeJapan is renowned for maintaining the highest standards of quality on all the products it manufactures. It could be electronics or it could be anime toys. No country can compete with Japan as far as quality of products is concerned. However, there is one more fact about Japan that very few people know. It is very difficult for a foreigner to purchase things from Japan online. It can surprise you that a country taking great pride in the manufacture of the goods of the highest quality can make it so difficult for a person to order the same online. Is there a solution to this problem? Will people residing outside Japan never get the chance to purchase Japanese products online? Go on and read this article to get the answers to these questions.

There are various reasons why people find it difficult to buy Japanese products online while sitting at their homes in foreign countries. The most prominent reason is that about 95% of the Japanese internet shopping websites do not have any facility for making international shipments. Secondly, a huge majority of the Japanese malls and shops do not accept international credit or debit cards issued out of Japan. It may look strange for a country as advanced as Japan, but it is a fact. Thirdly, most of the Japanese online shoppers require the buyers to fill up the order forms in the Japanese language. These three inhibiting factors make things difficult for the foreign purchaser. These should be a workable solution. Fortunately, there is one in the form of companies based in Japan undertaking the responsibilities of procuring Japanese products and shipping them to other countries.

One such company is This is a novel shopping service, not commonly found elsewhere in the world. This company has a unique style of functioning. Foreign purchasers of Japanese goods can avail the free registration facilities and register their names and details with this company. On successful registration, they can proceed with ordering the goods online through this company. Based on the prices, you have to make the entire payment in advance. This includes the taxes, shipping charges, service charges, etc. You have the facility of making the payment through regular banking channels or through PayPal. Based on the strength of your orders, this company procures the goods from the local market. On receiving the same, they do the repacking of the goods by removing the excess items such as promotional sales brochures, price tags, etc. They repack the items at no extra cost. Subsequently, the product becomes ready for shipment. You can arrange for the shipment to any person in any country of your
choice. The company takes care of such requests as well.

The advantages of using these services are many. Ordering multiple items and saving money by using the batch shipment methods is one distinct advantage. Your parcel would be lighter because the company takes care to remove the excess packaging and unnecessary materials. Hence, you save on shipment charges as well. You get prompt customer service. There is no need for you to know the Japanese language for ordering your goods. These advantages make this method of shopping very popular. For more info visit

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