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Although Revelation Online has been the open data on NA&EU severs in less than a month, more and more players try to play the game. And they have a lot of questions when beginning. Here are some guides for the newbies of Revelation Online.

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Easy to Find Parties to Play a Low-mid Game Dungeon

Actually it’s easy to find a party to play low-mid game dungeons, especially on populated servers. And there is a mentor system in Revelation Online. For low-mid dungeons, a lot of high level players can do them with at least 1 lower level player, then they can get a type of points. That’s worth doing for the high level players.

Choose the Class You Like Most

In the game each class is necessary and very fun, so please choose a class you like most. There are no lag spikes in the game at all. If you like the class then you will play very well and find much fun during playing. Such as the spiritshaper, as summoners and healers they are relatively easy to play and can make a high chance to survive. Besides, for lack of them they are very easy to find a party.

Various Kinds of PVP in Revelation Online

Some players really like PVP. In Revelation Online there are various kinds of PVP for you, such as Open World PVP, Arenas, Battlegrounds, Guild Wars and Sieges. You can have different experience in them.

A Quick Way to Speed Up Your Level in Revelation Online

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