Why Communication Technology Consulting is the Answer to all Business Queries?


Incedo Inc. is an IT consulting and services firm. We specialise in delivering real-time technology solutions that are cost effective, innovative and enhance business productivity. Incedo has immense expertise in providing communication engineering in us– designing solutions according to requirements, as well as support, development and integration for OEMs and telecom operators.

Santa Clara, Mar 19th 2017

Incedo provides services and solutions to product engineering companies and service providers across the globe. Some of the service offerings are, for instance, cutting-edge technologies in the areas of IoT and Cloud Analytics. Incedo’s boasts of deep expertise in Wireline, Data and Wireless communication technologies.

Management of Telecommunication Products

Incedo excels at communication technology. The technical staff at Incedo is capable of developing solutions as required. This process covers the developing, designing and providing support. Incedo has deep expertise in maintaining product costs and engineering products under guidelines for schedule and cost purposes.

Cloud management

Incedo offers tailor-made solutions in organising and managing both public and private cloud solutions. This covers everything related to cloud management- installation, configuration, monitoring, repairing and scaling.

IoT Expertise

The Internet of Things landscape is littered, mostly, with start-ups. The challenge for any IoT solutions company, like Incedo, is not only to provide and service an end to end solution but to help with the development of the IoT components of the customer as well.

Incedo offers experience in solution prototyping & design, testing and integration with Cloud Systems and solution development. We design, integrate and test systems of IoT solutions. Our expertise means in-depth knowledge in IoT access technologies to cloud applications of the IoT solutions.

Application Development

Incedo follows a consultancy based approach. Comprehensive solutions are created to customer’s business problems. Incedo has experience in creating enterprise applications which meet business objectives using data analytics, Telco, mobility and machine learning apart from Cloud.

Analytics & BoT

Incedo offers expertise in Analytics, primarily to address scenarios with data challenges.

Incedo provides BOT solutions encapsulating all essential elements like language parsing, video/voice to text, Analysis of N-gram, supervised/unsupervised training, user experience and building a knowledge database.

We also have experience in providing solutions for analytics and big data for the telecommunication services domain as well. We cover embedded, guided, collaborative analytics and self-service. We also have experience in data ingestion and integration, big data setup & solutions.

Commercial/Industrial IT Solutions

Incedo offers integration of industrial-grade computing, communication engineering services in us and instrumentation solutions serving various industries across the globe.

Incedo provides expertise in the field of:

Protocols of SCADA/MODBUS

Routing platforms





We also have experience in developing, testing and maintaining Wireless solutions like switches, industrial routers, NMS/EMS, PLC, etc. to latest solutions like NFV, SDN, Cloud networks, DPI, NWaaS, etc.

Incedo has vast experience in commercial/industrial IT data communication technologies consulting and development spreading across embedded systems and platforms.

Incedo helps in creating applications for business needs which assist in solving major problems faced by industries by optimising cloud solutions for efficiency.


Author Bio:

Incedo Inc provides innovative technology solutions to clients in Product Engineering Services, Financial Services, Life Science and Communication Engineering. The firm is headquartered in San Francisco, USA with presence in South Africa and India too.