Bridge Direct will Guarantee Instant Decisions on all Bridge Loans

UK based Bridge Loans experts, Bridge Direct will offer instant decisions on all Bridge Loan, and can offer Bridge Loans to those with Bad Credit and Bad Credit Finance.  This is because they are direct lenders, and not brokers, thus allowing them direct access to funds for all their Bridge Loan products, cutting the waiting time for all short-term Bridge Loan approvals drastically.

This means that in some cases funds could be approved within the same day of application!

Bridge Direct team has over 30 years of lending experience and has instant access to over £12 million substantial lending capital.

Bridge loans are becoming increasing popular for a broad spectrum of uses for customers, they are especially useful when planning to buy new property or adding to an existing portfolio without selling any existing property.

The major advantage to taking out a Bridge Loan with Bridge Direct is the reduced time for receiving the funds. With normal banks (and even Bride Loan Brokers), the time for approval can be elongated due to forms, red tape and due diligence. With Bridge Direct, as they are lenders, and not broker, they can give you an instant decision as to whether you would be accepted, and in some cases approve your loan on the same day.

With the recent financial crisis, traditional banks have not only reduced the capital that they now lend out, but have also increased the checking process, which can mean it can take weeks or even months to approve a longer-term loan or mortgage.

If you are to take your Bridge Loan out with Bridge Direct, not only can you expect an instant decision, but you can be assured of quality service, this is why customer return to Bridge Direct for their Bridge Loan requirements again, and again. There are many advantages to taking out a Bridge Loan with Bridge Direct, below are just a few:

  • No middlemen – direct access to funds
  • Loans from £30K to 500K
  • No proof of income required
  • Each deal assessed on its individual merits
  • No upfront fees
  • Instant Decisions with no credit search required
  • No Set Criteria

About Bridge Direct

The Bridge Direct has a team of top Bad Credit Specialists who can offer instant decision on all bridge loans and bridge loan finance for both residential and commercial property business investors.

So, if you are planning to look for any Bridging Loan products or Bridge Finance for any residential or commercial business needs, then call us at 020 3126 4969.

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