Safewow offer 6% discount eso gold as April Fool’s Promo

Recently, Revelation Online is having an instant win contest on their official Facebook. If you are the winner, you can get a Growth XP 7 Days. Some players are not so lucky, and for now they haven’t won a Growth XP 7 Days yet. But they don’t quit but try over and over again.

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Try the Contest Over Again to Win the Growth XP 7 Days

For Revelation Online permits the unlucky players to come back daily to have another shot, many players are having another try. So don’t give up so quickly, maybe next time you will be the winner, who knows? Just remember, the deadline of the contest is March 27 (17:00 CET), and there are only 25 Growth XP 7 Days giving away. If you have not attended the contest yet, please value the rare opportunity and act immediately.

Lower Your 30 Days Scroll to 7 Days

If you luckily have won one Growth XP 7 Days, please enjoy it. But one winner has ever warned that using Growth XP 7 Days before any scrolls would lower his 30 days scroll to 7 days without any warning or anything about it. Just be careful.

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