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SXSW may not have brought along many announcements but it did bring along a fair amount of news for other titles. Here’s the lowdown on everything that you may have missed over the weekend:
Almighty will have different types of Guardians for players to encounter. Developer Runwild Entertainment shared a prototype of the Behemoth Guardian. There is still work to do on the character, including its final appearance.

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After a year of silence, developer Artifact 5 introduced a new story trailer for their upcoming Adventure title. Tyler is a young man who is in post-traumatic denial. His wife Elena was the victim of an accident that has left her unable to express her emotions or return to her livelihood. Through his memories, Tyler is revisiting several milestones in his relationship with his wife, but his anguish, guilt and inability to help Elena cope with her depression warps his memories. Can he confront the past and move on, or will it consume him?
Blackwood Crossing
Blackwood Crossing is a title that is quite surreal. The story is driven by rules and logic that wouldn’t ever apply in the real world. The game has mysterious characters that wear masks, and juxtaposed locations like the train carriage that has a tree growing out of it. You can get a look at some of this surrealism in the screenshots below.
Publisher Wired Productions has teamed up with THQ Nordic to make sure that both of these titles make their way to retail. The Xbox One version of The Town of Light will include new puzzles, extra story and interactive elements, reworked voice dialogue, and an overhaul of the graphics and user interface. Meanwhile, the Victor Vran: Overkill Edition will include the original title and its two expansions, “Fractured Worlds” and “Mot?rhead: Through the Ages”, all with visual enhancements. Both titles will be released this spring.

We Happy Few
The latest trailer for Compulsion Games’ title introduces the Doctor. The character isn’t finished yet, especially when it comes to his AI, but at least you can see the sort of madness that will soon be coming to the game.
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