Publicizes Stoner Categories

March 18, 2017 —, the renowned website advocating the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, has just released a tongue-in-cheek categorization of weed user stereotypes in its Stoner Entertainment section of the site.

So what kind of stoner are you?

Some of the types profiled on the list include the klutzes who burn their clothes and fall a lot, although they’re not so funny if they burn down your house. There are also the paranoid types who seem twitchy and apprehensive of just about everything around them. The chemists, on the other hand, aren’t afraid of mixing other substances with the marijuana, even if they choose to use kitchen condiments that no one in their right minds would smoke.

Related to the chemists are the inventors, who use their MacGyver-like powers to transform any household item into a convoluted smoking device.

Another unusual group is the charlatans, who only want to look like their actual marijuana smokers even when they’re not. These fakers pretend to be high even though they didn’t even inhale at all. On the other hand, there are the BS Fountains who will insist that they’re sober despite the fact that they can’t move a muscle and complete sentences seem to beyond their skill sets.

The tutor is the one who try to be helpful and gives hints on just about every aspect of marijuana smoking. While some do have the knowledge that makes them actual gurus, others of this type tend to spout off the wrong kinds of advice that annoys everybody else.

There’s the real veteran though, who’s old enough to be a real guru, and who has the expertise to be expert chemists and inventors who can help out the rest of the session group. The problem is that sometimes these old fogeys are just in a midlife crisis (think Kevin Spacey in American Beauty), who are just too old to hang out with younger adults.

The game-makers are those who want to try a million things while they’re baked, in the apparent belief that even ordinary activities become much more fun when they’re high. The chef, on the other hand, is the most important member of the group: this is the person who can cook up the absolute best snacks and meals when everyone has the attack of the munchies.

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