Studying English: FAQs

If you’re thinking of coming to study English in England, it’s normal that you are going to have quite a number of questions.

We’ll answer the most prevalent ones here.

Where will I remain?

Men and women have diverse preferences and requirements so there’s a selection of alternatives for accommodation whenever you study English in the UK. You will have the possible possibilities of a home-stay, residential housing or self-catering. Get extra details about authentic british english school in Japan

How will I get to classes?

Definitely this will likely depend on exactly where that you are staying but your school will make sure you can get there by bus or train, on foot or by bike.

Will someone meet me at the airport?

Yes. Verify along with your school before you set off but a person should really meet you in the airport and take you to your accommodation.

Do I will need a visa?

If you are an EU citizen, you will not have to have a visa to study English in the UK. Nevertheless, non-EU citizens will will need to apply towards the British Embassy in their home country to get a visa. Your English school can supply you with a visa assistance letter.

What if I don’t like my accommodation?

In the event you don’t like exactly where you happen to be staying it can commonly be possible to modify your accommodation. There may be delays during busy periods but your school ought to do what it can to accommodate your request.

Can I adjust course?

Yes, in the event you have to have to modify your course you need to have the ability to. Talk for your course leader who will be capable to assist arrange this for you personally or handle any troubles that you simply have.

What kind of courses are accessible?

There is a huge selection of courses available for those wishing to study English within the UK. For adults, there are actually courses on common English at the same time as company English. You will discover also teacher training courses and TOEFL programmes.

Junior English courses are aimed especially at young people today. The content, style and activities are especially targeted. Family study holidays within the UK are also available to ensure that whole households can study with each other.

Also university prep courses are on give for all those wishing to go to university within the UK.

When do the courses run?

Lots of English courses run all through the year, with numerous begin dates. Particular courses only run in the summer time.

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