How to prepare enough neverwinter astral diamonds for Waukeen Event

The Goddess Waukeen who is famous for her wealth, returned again. During 10:00 AM on March 23, 2017 PT to 10:00 AM on March 27, 2017 PT, she is offering all the adventurers a chance to gather huge wealth during the coins of Waukeen Event in a short time.

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The Reward: Waukeen’s Coin Purse

One major premise is you must be level 10 or higher to participate the event. During the event, you can fight against monsters within 7 levels of you and defeat them, then maybe you will be rewarded with Waukeen’s Coin Purse. You can open your Coin Purse immediately. The purse contains one of the following things: 1 Coin of Waukeen, 1 blessed gold Dye Pack, 1 Teleport Scroll – Moonstone Mask or up to 8000 Rough Astral Diamonds.

Waukeen’s Strongbox or Waukeen’s Treasure Chest

In another way, you can gather several of Coin Purses to the Truetrader in the Moonstone Mask. Then you can exchange them for a Waukeen’s Strongbox or a Waukeen’s Treasure Chest. The Waukeen’s Strongbox contains one of the following: Golden Pantaloons, 8 Coin of Waukeen, 10 blessed gold Dye Pack, 8 Teleport Scroll – Moonstone Mask, or up to 64000 Rough Astral Diamonds.

And the Waukeen’s Treasure Chest even contains Waukeen’s Golden Cloak, Golden pantaloons, 32 Coin of Waukeen or up to 256,000 Rough Astral Diamonds. If you own one Chest, you are surely full of prosperity and fortune. What kind of Event will make you wealthy so quickly?

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