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MEMS based Oscillator Market – By Purpose (Sequencing, Managing Data Transfers, Others) Type (XO, VXXO, Others) Applications (Microprocessors, Networking, Others) Sectors (Consumer Electronics, Others) Devices (Cellphones, Projectors, Mp3, Others) – Forecast (2016-2021)

Micro electromechanical system (MEMS) oscillators are timing devices that generate highly stable frequencies, used to sequence electronic systems, manage transferring, defining radio frequencies and to measure elapsed time. MEMS resonators are micro electromechanical structures that help in defining stable frequencies by MEMS oscillators. MEMS clock generators require more than single frequency to give multiple outputs for systems. MEMS oscillators are designed and developed as an alternative to quartz crystal oscillators which offer better sustainability against vibration and mechanical shock, and reliability with respect to temperature variation. They provide reliability, higher frequency stability, and vibration resistance, and are smaller in size that suits for several end-products. Due to several such advantages, end-users are increasingly adopting MEMS oscillators, thereby driving the growth of the Global MEMS Oscillators market.

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Global MEMS Oscillators market Segmentation:

By Type: XO – Oscillator, VCXO – voltage control Oscillator, TCXO – Temperature Compensated Oscillator, MCXO – Microcontroller Compensated Crystal Oscillators, SSXO – Spread Spectrum Oscillator, FSXO – Frequency Select Oscillator, DCXO – Digitally Controlled Oscillator and OCXO/EMXO-Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

By Application: Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Healthcare, Defense, Telecom and Others

By Geography: Americas, Europe, APAC and RoW

Company Profiles: Discera Inc., Pericom., Silicon Laboratories, Inc., SiTime Corporation, Vectron International, Micrel, LLC, Abracon LLC., Integrated Device Technology, Inc., IQD Frequency Products Ltd., Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., NXP Semiconductors and TXC

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The overall market has also been presented from the perspective of different geographical locations into standard geographic regions and key economies in the market. Competitive landscape for each of the segments is highlighted and market players are profiled with accredit of company overview, financial overview, business strategies, product portfolio and recent developments. The market shares for the key players in 2015 are also provided. Prominent market players include SiTime Corporation, Discera Inc., and Silicon Clocks and Integrated Device Technology, Inc.


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  • Suppliers
  • Research Companies and Universities
  • Government Organizations
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The MEMS based Oscillators market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of XX% and reach $XX million by 2021. MEMS technology is expected to grow along with the growth of electronics. The growth of MEMS based oscillators market is projected from the developments of appropriate technology. The replacement capacity of Quartz crystal oscillators has resulted into large demand for MEMS based oscillator.

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