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In Neverwinter, the companion system allows all characters to hire a helper. In that case, choosing a right companion will make you success with half the effort. Today is a conclusion of the best neverwinter companions for GWF, SW and GF. If you have none of them, you can buy cheap neverwinter items or companions here.

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SW (Scourge Warlock): only Owlbear Cub for Pillar of Power build.

GWF (Great Weapon Fighter): Con Artist/Sellsword as summoned, Fire/Air/Earth Archons, Siege Master. This is the usual DPS setup, for these companions can provide 10-20% armor shred. In addition, Ambush Drake is also referred to, which only drops from a Dungeon or AH. But some players don’t like to hire it, for 15% single target debuff vs lvl 73 enemies, and its 50% up time.

GF (Guardian Fighter): Dancing Shield as summoned (20% single target debuff), Rust Monster, Energon, Chicken, Bulette Pup, and other companions that gives chance to get stamina/guard or increase incoming healing. This setup is for full DPS GF and tank GF.

Maybe you have had multiple Energon dropping in Skirmishes in the past. It is certain that Energon is BiS for OP because of Aura Gifts and Protection Oath mechanic. But it is not sure for GF, because extra HP will only affect survivability. If you are on GF, you only need to keep one of them for your tank, and sell the rest at the right time.

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