Aeroponic system welcomes vertical gardening bidding – goodbye to digging soil

Europe, 23 March, 2017 – Hydrosys has introduced a new system of culturing plants and nurturing them without using soil. They have replaced the old system of effortful gardening with new Aeroponic system. Presently, it is blazing in the European market and soon will take over the entire world. The reason for such an enormous growth of this concept in a very less time is for the convenience packed in this system of gardening.

Another amazing fact regarding this new technique, vertical growing systems for plants, is that it can be used to produce greens even in cold and infertile states or regions. This is a huge sensation in the greenhouse sector. This technique was recently used in the Arctic region where people have started producing plants with aeroponic method.

“When we first tried to understand the science behind this, we realised that all basic needs for plants to grow lie in nutrients. Proceeding with that concept, we have taken the hydroponic system to a higher level. This will ease up the process of growing plants as the extra toil behind preparing the soil is over now”, said the marketing head of Hydrosys.

Hydrosys has also come up with other aids to support vertical growing systems. They have all the necessary equipment on board for customers to get all under one roof. With this approach, they have attained a number exceeding more than 1000 satisfied customers within just 1 month.

“I simply love gardening! Almost six months back, I got to know about this soil less process of the plantation and I bought all the necessities from Hydrosys. This has helped me with the vertical growing systems installation in the perfect manner supported with Aeroponic system. I have a very well nourished wall garden now”, said a customer.

According to researchers from this field, greenhouse development, they have stated that aeroponic technique is extremely beneficial for plants as the roots get maximum amount of oxygen and it escalates the growth rate. This system also reduces the chance of plants getting contaminated by pathogens which are generally present in the soil.

However, there was a concern whether this process will be fruitful enough to produce vegetables and fruits or not. But in recent times, this is one of the best ways to produce fresh and healthy greens.

Hydrosys has excelled in this field of Aeroponic system and has shown a better face to the greenhouse world. They are growing fast and very soon aiming to be on the top of the list.

“We are constantly trying to improve our products, systems, and equipment to ensure that every customer purchasing goods from us can create their own greenhouse effortlessly,” said Marketing Head Hydrosys.