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23rd March, 2017, Chengdu, China: Nowadays, most people choose to go for a vacation to some exotic beach-side spots or a hill station. But, if you want to spend your vacation in a place that is serene, surrounded by nature and is famous for bird watching, then best visit Qinghai Province, China. There are many companies that arrange birding tours to this regions. But, there’s one company that has outshone the others when it comes to their package’s versatility, price and the overall arrangement; and that is none other than AlpineBirding. They will make sure that you reach Qinghai safely, stay there at a reliable lodge, travel in comfort and of course, bring back numerous memories.

Red-Billed Leiothrix

Red-Billed Leiothrix

When asked about AlpineBirding’s service to one of their customers named Rebecca Parker, she said- “My trip with AlpineBirding was simply amazing. They didn’t just make sure that I travelled comfortably and stayed in a good lodge, but their experienced birders truly helped me identify new birds during the birding expedition. And the best part is their Qinghai Bird Watching Tour cost is absolutely reasonable.”

Benefits of Booking AlpineBirding’s Packages

Apart from what Rebecca said about AlpineBirding’s tours, here are a few more benefits of booking their China Birding Tour package.

Chestnut-Throated Partridge

Chestnut-Throated Partridge

Please Take a Look

  • Benefit 1: They can customize birding trip according to your convenience.
  • Benefit 2: They have a team of fulltime bird guides, who belong to the ornithological education background. In fact, all the employees of AlpineBirding’s are avid birders.
  • Benefit 3: They are a registered company. Hence, you don’t have to worry about double-dealing or any other treachery.

These were a few benefits of hiring AlpineBirding’s birding tour. For more information, visit their website www.alpinebirding.com.

About AlpineBirding

AlpineBirding is one of the most well-known, Chengdu-based travel agencies that excel at organizing affordable and comfortable birding and wildlife tours. They have a team of experienced organizers who can arrange smooth trips for you and in fact, they can customize trips according to your wish. So, for immediate booking contact in the number +86 28 8521 4086.


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