PRESS Release for

PRESS Release for

New Orleans, LA – As the world watches, the insurance industry is bracing for the catastrophic 10.5 earthquake called ‘Insurtech”. The total disconnect in the insurance industry is coming to an end. We are pleased to announce ClaimsMaid. com, an online, customer-centric, value added product service designed to engage and delight the insurance consumer.

With over 70 million Millennials and 50 million Gen Xers, customers are now expecting more from their insurance companies. With these consumers operating in a fast paced, digital world, the insurance industry has struggled to keep up with their needs.. Furthermore, due to a lack of digital customer engagement on the part of the industry, consumers do not understand, nor see the value of insurance.

A whopping 89% of customers feel their insurance company do not know their customers, nor listen to them.

Fifty-seven percent of customers do not trust the insurance industry.

Fifty-one percent of customers are not loyal to their insurance carriers.

Thirty-five percent of customers admit to not hearing from their insurers in the past 2 years. For those that heard from their insurers once a year, it was an invoice for payment. is the bridge over the “troubled insurance waters” between the customers and the industry. will provide online advice, guidance, and expertise to consumers so they can find value in insurance, while saving money and time. will differentiate itself by offering three packages including one for small businesses. Each plan will have an elevated level of benefits that are significant in value. will also become a major player in the GIG/Hustle economy. Virtually everyone has a smart phone, laptop, or tablet, which will allow them to earn while they are asleep, at their other jobs, or just hanging out with friends and family

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