Macbook Pro Repair -in London.

Macrepairsinlondon complete Apple service centre has been repairing all models of Mac Pros, iMacs, Macbook including Pro and Airs, since the earliest G4s to the latest additions to Apple’s product line up. Our in depth knowledge of Apple devices allows us to provide repairs generally much cheaper than Apple directly and we start most jobs the same day they are dropped off.

We can also repair your iPhone and iPad devices whether it be a smashed glass, broken LCD, touch response issues, or sync issues with your Mac. Most iPhone and iPad repairs can also be completed same day. Our Apple Repairs Service Centre is open 7 days for all of your service requirements including broken and smashed LCD screens, water damaged items, software error issues, power on problems and more. Additionally we can also provide a motherboard service at the component level to save you quite literary hundreds of dollars vs having to either replace the entire system, or a costly motherboard replacement in full.

We treat each MacBook as one of our own taking the utmost care when disassembling it, fitting new parts and reassembling each device to factory specifications. Our technicians are trained to repair to perfection, where each component is seated properly and each screw tightened enough to ensure a firm hold. Each repair is carefully performed not only to get the device working, but to ensure that it will last well into the future.

Whether you walk-in without an appointment, or your business or school is enrolled on a service agreement, our experts will solve your issue, and keep you informed every step of the way. All our technicians are all fully Apple certified, and aim to delight our clients. We are an Apple Premium Service Provider for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and use genuine Apple replacement parts that won’t void your warranty.

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