The Latest “6PM” Soundtrack from Safe House Productions Neve Studio Attracts Music Lovers

The Latest “6PM” Soundtrack from Safe House Productions Neve Studio Attracts
Music Lovers

A Groovy Track that’s Just Right for a Dance Club DJ Mix

22nd March 2017 – Safe House Productions is proud to present this latest soundtrack
“6PM”, following on from their previous works, some of which include “From my
heart” written for Seasick Steve. This soundtrack is a blend of New Orleans and north
african influences perfect to make people groove to the beat. Designed to be played
later into the night, 6pm is unique in the way that it’s over 8 minutes long, yet the
hypnotic beat makes time fly. The song keeps the listeners entertained and
mesmerised throughout.

The piece was written by Jonty Wilkins. Jonty himself is a music enthusiast. Being a
musician and a songwriter, Jonty is also an entrepreneur who started Safe House
Productions in early 2014 to encourage fellow musicians to be more active and make
more music.

Although the track as a whole is a work of art, some of the highlights are that of the
brilliant trumpet work, provided by none other than Anthony Peers and the lyrics &
vocals provided by “Knopov”,just scintillating. Nicolas Panteleimonow provided
excellent engineering and recording. The haunting trumpet sound allows the listeners
to stay focused on the song and although it is just over 8 minutes long, listener
wouldn’t argue if it was played twice. It is now gaining interest from major radio
stations worldwide.

About Safe House Productions
Safe House Productions has inspired and encouraged many talented artists. They have
state of the art equipment that makes it a perfect environment for recording and

The production house encourages new and independent talent from
songwriters to classical musicians; they don’t discriminate any enthusiastic artists
who want to make a mark in this ever-growing but ever-challenging industry.

This year Safe House has signed new artist Paul Nilson Jnr, with a debut Album “KIK”
to be released early summer, a few already major record labels have shown interest

.For more information, please Contact

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