Elements of a Quality Early Childhood Education Program

It should come as no surprise that early education has a great impact over the mind, attitude and behavior of little children. Research has consistently revealed the co-relation between high quality curriculum program and the learning experience of children. The framework of early education gives educators guidelines when it comes to developing high quality educational programs for preschoolers. The framework serves as an indicator that describes the norms, practices and principles that teachers are supposed to follow while designing a specific curriculum or education program.

What are the key elements of the Early Education Program?

Process and Structural Quality

Process quality focuses on creating rich and rewarding experiences for the children. It gives references to the interactions between the teacher and children and the kind of activities children would be engaged in through the year. It also highlights the safety and security standards that the school has in place. Parent-school communication is also one of the core elements of the process quality.


Environment is yet another important element of the early childhood education program. Play schools must maintain a safe, secure and stress-free environment within the school to ensure a comfortable stay of the children. The environment should be fun-loving, emotionally nurturing and socially rewarding for kids. The classrooms must be well-equipped with sufficient toys and kid-friendly materials. Both the classroom and the play ground should provide the children enough opportunities to engage in active learning. The activities should construct children’s knowledge and address their diverse needs and interests.


The curriculum should be designed in such a way that enables children to develop a deeper understanding of the topic. Experiential learning must be given important to allow children to gain better exposure of a particular subject. Opportunities for art, games, math, science, dramatic play, outdoor play etc. must be provided on a daily basis. The teaching approach should be well-planned to help children have a better learning experience.

To become the best preschool in Delhi, the primary focus of the curriculum is to ensure the holistic development of the child- social, emotional, physical, creative expression and cognitive development.

Assessment and Appreciation

Having a well-defined assessment system in place is necessary to ensure a healthy communication with parents regarding the development of their children. Conducting appreciation activities or acknowledging the unique abilities of children is crucial to help them develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Mother’s Pride, being the most loved preschool, conducts appreciation activities to acknowledge the efforts and unique qualities of the children. It’s a nice way to recognize the gifted qualities of the children while boosting their confidence.

Above are some of the key elements that must be integrated into the education program of a preschool.


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