SIG – Creating Competent Geoinformatics Experts

There is no denying the fact that the world is becoming a smaller place day by day if we pay heed to the technological advancement. Technology has literally made us all to get our needs at our fingertips. From ordering a food, booking a cab, or order some clothes online, technology is everywhere and anywhere. And most of the times we feel the need to track our order placed. This is where GPS comes into picture. This is one such technology that we have all used, in fact are still using. Well, this GPS too has a science behind it. From understanding and managing the traffic, to regulating the radio signals, there is a technology and science behind it. And this science is called geoinformatics. Geoinformatics is basically the science that uses data and information to solve the problems of geography, cartography, geosciences locations and related branches of science and engineering.

Geoinformatics has been internationally acclaimed as one of the best field for anyone who is looking for a wonderful career. The scope of this field has been seen in India as well. As we all know, India is slowly becoming a mighty technology giant already setting its foot in the international market. Such is the impact that many individuals are now looking for a promising career in this field by opting for the geoinformatics course. Tapping this huge potential and helping people to recognize their dreams, many educational institutes were set up all around the country.

Amidst all these institutions, the one institute that has stood tall since the year 2004 is SIG or Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics. SIG aims at providing the best education to the students to make them capable to deal with the real world challenges of the corporate field. SIG is one of the most reputed colleges in Pune that offers a variety of programs in the geoinformatics domain. To impart the best education, SIG has a set of the most qualified teaching faculty from all over India who whole heatedly work toward making the students aware of every knick-knakcs of the geoinformatics field. The wide array of courses at SIG include M Tech Geoinformatics, MSc Geoinformatics, M Tech Geoinformatics and ST, M Sc Environment & Sustainability accompanied with some certificate courses and Ph D program. The courses at SIG does not aim only to educate the students but to turn them into competent human resources who can understand the dynamics of digitization, remote sensing, map analysis, GIS development, navigation, e-governance, etc. Anyone with a degree in Geoinformatics is the most preferred choice by any corporate firm.

Thus, for anyone who wants to seek a profitable career in the world of technology advancement, geoinformatics is the best choice they can make.

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