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Are you still immersed in the release of Arifact Weapons against the Burning Legion? Sober down! That’s not all! A new Artifact appearance challenge is coming as well. But to earn the new Artifact Appearance, you have to do a new solo quest in WOW 7.2. This quest will be active only for 3 days.

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1. Only available for level 110 players;

2. Purchase all 35 of the ranks for your Artifact weapon;

3. Complete the Artifact questline to unlock access to the four new traits.

The challenge starts only when The Mage Tower is active

To earn the Challenge Appearance, you have to do a series of new solo quests. All those quests will only be available when the Mage Tower is active, only for three days.

There are 7 different challenges available which are tailored to your class role. You need to make a full use of your solo skill and the advantage of your class. Besides, if you want to walk out of the encounter with a brand new look for your weapon, you had better invest in getting the best gear as you can.

Nethershards are required to get a second or more entry to the encounter

It is good news that Breaching the Tomb requires 2500 Nethershards, down from 50,000. But you may need to put some Shards into Artifact Appearance Challenge.

The first time you get the quest to earn the appearance, you can enter the encounter for free. But if you fail, the next attempts will cost Nethershards. Each failure will necessitate a higher number of Nethershards to try again. So it is necessary to spend time in the shadow of the Sentinax to gather as many Nethershards as you can.

The Mage Tower is only active for 3 days before destroyed. Time is limited. Seize the chance to earn the distinctive artifact appearance. All the time, you can get help from Safewow when you need in game. Safewow is the best place to buy wow gold with fast delivery!

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