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Only a few days after Revelation Online entered the Open Beta, players are already complaining about the P2W tactics. On game’s forum, a thread accused the Crusader Treasure Maps of incorporating P2W tactics into the game. In other words, players can buy treasure maps from the in-game store for $5 and obtain the Tier 6 PvP stones, while other players can only get Tier 4 stones. “This just made all progress in the game so far worthless and all progress that can be made in the game for the next few months worthless in the face of swiping a trivial amount,’ a player pointed out.

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Although players can obtain the treasure maps in the game through the Ninefold Assault, they can only do it one time per week since it’s a weekly in-game event. Players pointed out that didn’t “sweeten” the situation because there’s no limit on how many maps you can purchase from the store.
I’ve played this game for about five days as an Occultist, I picked this class, because scythes are cool. During those five days, my female Occultist quickly reached lvl40 in only two days. It took me that long, because I spent a lot of time messing around with the game, staring at landscapes, tring to fly to very high locations among other things. It can easily be done under five hours, just by following the main quest and dungeons. As for the other three days, I’ve spent them on playtesting various aspects of the game, such as dungeons, dailies, crafting and a little PVP. I managed to level up a few more times up to lv.46.

I am giving my answer to the question of the title at the end of this article, but make sure you read what I have to say about the game’s features before reading the conclusion.
It is not often that F2P MMOs manage to deliver such a detailed and beautiful world for us to play in, this is why when I finally find one of those MMOs, I make sure to enjoy the view as much as I can.

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