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Spelling is an important aspect of any curriculum which forms the integral to the process of reading and writing. The need to build effective communication skills demand that this subject is taught thoughtfully and consciously.

The significance of spelling tests cannot be over emphasized. In any Language Arts class, spelling instructions improved the students reading and writing abilities. Because of the effectiveness of spelling tests, all integral aspects of compelling reading such as Phonemic awareness and phonics assist many students in developing their oratory skills. Additionally, many students become active readers and the do it with self-confidence.

Many researchers and educators appreciate the benefits spelling tests have on students. However, we struggle to formulate a robust system that combines all cornerstones of reading and writing into the curriculum.

Is Testing Teaching?

Some researchers are of the opinion that spelling testing doesn’t work for a student. To some extent, this might be true. However, testing is a critical platform where you as a parent can ascertain the level of mastery of language from your kids. It is not true that spelling tests only benefit a particular cliché of students. Our spelling tests are keen to address the different the different student abilities based on their creativity. If the test is administered and the child does exemplary well in them, then a more challenging test is available for your child to take.

Our online platform gives you as the parent a free will to select the proper test for your child and maintain their learning process.

Therefore, Testing is a part of teaching. How we decide to formulate our tests now defines their effectiveness.

Spelling Context

Direct spellings instructions inform of tests have an authentic learning experience to students. It’s futile to use unreferenced word lists to impart spelling skills on our kids is indeed a waste of time and resources.

 Why is that so?

The words making up the list ought to reconcile with the test subject being studied. For instance, if the unit the student is taking is “Hygiene,” some words which can be used are, wash, clean, brush, germs, etc. These words are important and will have a personal meaning to the child. This is because the child encounters the words from the subject they cover. Teaching spelling using words in isolation yields less positive results than the ones selected from context.

Moreover, if either the parent or teacher is unable to choose appropriate words to use, he or she can decide to use high-frequency words in place of the phrase in context. In our spelling tests, we rely on mostly the high-frequency words. These are words include names of items: nouns and action words. ”verbs.”

 Our children tend to engage more of their learning if they can relate what they learn to their daily acquaintances. Besides nurturing their spelling abilities, spelling tests which are characterized by “words in context” influence their reading abilities. There is a surety that the knowledge acquired from spelling will be used to enhance their reading aptitudes.

Benefits of Our Spelling Tests

  1. Unique Tests

The uniqueness of any tests is characterized by the extent of randomization of both the questions and answers. Additionally, this system allows your child to re-sit the test if his or her performance was rated as poor. In doing so, he or she can develop the ability to think through the right answer again. This is not based on memorization but rather engaging the brain in thinking out the solution. The system also allows us to select from a broad range of questions which can be used to test the student’s spelling abilities.

  1. Self-assessment tools and Instant Grading and Feedback

Our online assessment tools will provide instant results once the trial is done. Gone are the times where you will wait for more than a week to get spelling test results of your child. The format in which we portray the results is quite easy to understand. Every answer has critically analyzed the results well outlined to initiate a proper decision-making process about your child’s spelling abilities. A consistent poor performance of your child may not necessarily mean that the child is weak, try a less competitive test and develop from the lower grade tests.

  1. Engages the Learners with different Forms of Testing

Tests are known to motivate students to work harder knowing that at the end of the semester, their progress will be ascertained through the exams. Our online tests also embrace this fact. As you set aside time when your child will take the test, as they time approaches, they will try hard not to get lower grades again. If this is not the case, then you need to coach him or her to set aside time meant for spelling studies. Therefore, when you are not around, they continue with the same behavior.

  1. A detailed analysis readily available

Our tests have been formulated to keep a track record of your child’s progress. Each and very test chosen and done is recorded for future reference. These results hold more importance not only to us but also to you as the parent or guardian. From them, you can seek for other techniques to improve on particular areas where the child finds difficult.

  1. Readily Accessible tests at any time:

Out can set aside any time when your child can take the test.However, you need to bear in mind the recommended resting hours and ply time accorded to your child. What we mean by this is that the flexibility of the test should not say that you administer them at wee hours of the night when your child is supposed to sleep or during the day when they are expected to play. Remember; “study without play make Jack a dull boy.” Ensure you allocate the right amount of time at the right moment so that you do not eat into your child’s play or rest time.

  1. Environmentally friendly

With technology, we are shifting from hard copy tests to offer the same resources online. This reduces the consumption of paper and the cost of acquiring spelling materials.

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