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roller-conveyorTechnovision Engineers PVT. LTD. is one of the well-established manufacturer and supplier of Roller Conveyors.
Roller conveyors are used to convey products which have defined shape, like, pallets, cartons, boxes, etc.
This type of conveyors are used for Light, Medium & Heavy Duty applications.
Each Roller is machined from ERW pipe & provided with bearings at both the ends & a stationary shaft.
This shaft is bolted onto the frame of the conveyor.
These conveyors are modular in construction & Frames are manufactured in Modules of 2500 MM.
Rollers can be supplied in MS Galvanized, MS Chrome Plated, SS 304 or SS 316. MOC for the conveyors is MS-Powder coated, SS 304 or SS 316.
Roller diameter, Roller Pitch & Roller width is designed as per load & application requirements.
Roller conveyors are classified into 2 types :
I) Gravity type Roller Conveyor
II) Powerised Roller conveyor
Widely used for handling of unit loads, high-volume materials. There are two types of Roller Conveyors: One is Gravity type Roller Conveyor which requires no operational external power, another is Powerised Roller conveyor which is provided with electrical motor for its operation.
Gravity roller conveyors are a very economical and versatile form of conveyance and have many applications.
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TEPL is one of the leading manufacturer of material handling equipments. The core focus of the company lies in superior quality and excellent customer service. With expertise in the industry and constant innovation in the industry, the company also undertakes turnkey projects with design, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning activities. The company is one of the front runners in Lean Manufacturing Solutions in India with an ISO 9001-2008 certification. The production house has the capability to conduct in-house R & D and the company possesses exceptional talent for designing in terms of manpower, knowledge and technology. The company owns two manufacturing set-ups and total area of 28000 sq. ft. with all manufacturing and design equipments. TEPL is known to deliver state of the art contemporary designs with their range of material handling equipments.

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