BuycPanel Is One of the Leading cPanel Distributor for cPanel Licensing

The web hosting control panel cPanel that a hosting provider offers, is one of the main pillars sustaining business. The majority of web host providers provide cPanel as their favored Control Panel, as it is the best option that exists in the market today.

BuycPanel is one of the leading cPanel Distributor that has the largest selection of cPanel addons in the hosting industry. They provide exclusive cPanel addons and cPanel Licensing that are found nowhere else. They also provide free installations of all cPanel addons purchased by them.

Their License Plans includes VPS Licenses, Dedicated Licenses and Addon Licenses including Cheap WHM License. Following are the cPanel Features provided by BuycPanel:

Instant License Activation!

All licenses are instantly activated as soon as you make the purchase. They also provide cPanel Promo Code and FREE Resource Monitor and Spam Scan license with every purchase of a cPanel license.

Technical Support 24/7/365

They deliver technical support around the clock, all day, every day by their certified cPanel support technicians.

Money Back Guarantee

They provide a 7-day money back guarantee for all new services ordered. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can contact their billing department and they will refund your money right away!

Affiliate Program

They have the best affiliate program that is the ideal way to earn rewards online by sending traffic to! They pay a 5% referral payment to their affiliated partners on each sale that is referred to their website.

Unlimited Server Administration

The company also offer an unlimited cPanel server administration service all the way through their sister company

About BuycPanel

BuycPanel is the authorized cPanel Distributor online for external cPanel licenses or cPanel addons online. They have been providing quality customer service and support since 2003.

For more information about WHM License, please visit the website:

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