Use Jet Backup Manager WHMCS Module To Easily Create Backup Products For Your Clients

There are number of reasons you might have suffered from some form of disaster and you needed to backup your data using the trusty WHM Restore Full Backup.

If you run your website under a cPanel hosting, then you are fortunate, because the process is relatively straight forward. And if you are thinking “How To Take Backup From cPanel”, then make sure you use the home directory backup option that you can download from your cPanel control panel or you can ask your hosting provider for the full backup option to recover your account.

It is highly recommended that you use best Restore Backup WHM program. With JetApps, you can easily achieve that. JetApps comprises of three major products: JetBackup, JetMigrate, and JetClone. JetBackup is the most common product in incremental remote backup software that has the ability to backup to multiple destinations, easily sell backup services with their WHMCS module, utilize single file restore, and backing up company’s data easily.

Following are the features of Jetbackup:

Incremental Remote Backups

This tool harnesses the power of hardlinks to use a smaller amount of space while backing up accounts. Following your first full backup prospect backups will only take up space from altered files.

Sell Backup Services

Using the Jet Backup WHMCS module you can easily generate backup products for your customers and link them to their accessible hosting records.

Multiple Remote Destinations

You can schedule as many backups as you want.  This tool also has multiple supported backup destinations!

Self Restores

This tool contains the Self restore GUI for cPanel and WHM users! Full account Restore Backup WHM, singe file restore, restore emails, and download files/backups, databases, cron jobs, SSL Certificates and more!

Other features include:

• Complete account backup
Download Emails From cPanel
• Backup directly to remote destination
• Single file restore from local/remote backup
• Point-in-time local incremental backups
• API Access to backup/restore system
• WHMCS module to sell backup services

About JetApps

Created in 2016, JetApps is located in sunny San Clemente CA and is a joint venture between several Israeli and United States hosting software companies. Their premier products include cPanel backup software, site migration platforms, hosting redundancy software, and several other innovative, cPanel hosting productivity applications.

For more information or to buy their products, visit

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