How to Promote Creativity in Classrooms in 10 Easy Steps

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Academicians all around the world have dedicated an entire lifetime to the introduction and advancement of creativity in education. Today, there has been a considerable shift towards the increased acceptance of valuing creativity for all learners.

Creativity is the need of the hour in the 21st century classroom. To condition students from the very start is imperative. Many countries like Singapore include it at the heart of the national curricula for their students.  Some of the Best schools in Delhi have followed suit. Presidium Senior Secondary is one of those schools in Delhi that support creativity at every level for their students.


The faculty at Presidium suggest the following ways in which educators can promote creativity in classrooms:

Embrace creativity as part of learning:

The first step is to create a classroom that recognizes creativity. You can start with designing awards or bulletin boards that showcase various steps of solving a problem, or even creative solutions for real life scenario.

Use effective strategies to teach creativity:

Analyse the most effective ways to teach creativity. Use creative arts or media-oriented programs to introduce creativity. Programs that include cognitive and emotional functioning are the best.

Think of creativity as a skill:

Rather than treating it like a trait it can be taught like a skill or proficiency. In this way the work of educators gets easy. They can find ways to encourage its use in classrooms and divide it further into smaller skill sets. A working model of creativity that deals with and solves everyday problems can be introduced in classrooms to promote creativity.

Use emotional connections:

Research shows that best creativity instruction lie in the emotions of the learner. There can be programs where students can be introduced to Philanthropy and there they can devise a solution to help their local community, such as helping the specially abled or the homeless.

Let creativity flourish in a “congenial environment”:

Creative thinking should be shared and sanctioned by others in a socially supportive environment. Some researchers have explained the importance of recognition from others. Creating social communities that promote creativity to solve problems is another way of promoting creativity.

See creativity in a positive light:

Researchers suggest that creativity should never be seen in a negative light. If we wish promote creativity, we need to embrace it as well. Rewarding students for coming up with problems in a variety of ways by recognizing their efforts is a good start.

Use a cultural artefact:

Social psychology research shows that artefacts can enhance the insight of problem solving. For example in a history class using a historical artefact helps students relate better and they start to think about living in a particular time period.

Establish expressive freedom:

The classroom environment should always be a place where students feel free to share novel ideas. Educators should allow flexibility and create norms that promote creativity.

Schools in Delhi have recognised the need of a strong hold in creative problem solving. Presidium being at the very top supports creativity in its students from the very start. The school boasts of a comprehensive curriculum that promotes and thrives on creativity. Presidium is by far is the best school in Delhi.


Presidium is a senior secondary school redefining education in India. It was conceived and established by renowned educationist and popular parenting expert, Mrs.Sudha Gupta.

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