Mobile Travel Landscape: Trend-Changing Sector Insights and Performance Analysis

The fast-paced mobile services of the 21st century have not only changed societal equations, but the invention of faster and convenient mobile services has rattled and redefined the global economic fabric. The emergence of smartphones and access to better internet services has opened several avenues for multiple industries. The travel and tourism industry has altogether gained a new pace and extended its mass outreach with the enhanced internet backed mobile facility.

Smartphones today are geared with many key applications that are user-friendly and they make travel easy. Paper maps are passe’; wanderers today are more inclined towards GPS enabled mobiles which help them to navigate properly. Car, flight or hotel booking is made easy and convenient as smartphones enable a traveller to explore all possible data with a flick of the fingers. An advanced smartphone is a friend, philosopher and guide for a cruiser during an extended trail. The smartphone app market is booming around the world. The emerging app market is a boon for the expanding tourism sector and the long-standing bonhomie between the two is constantly impacting the growth of both the industries. The mobile travel landscape is changing with the significant development of android and iOS based devices and also by the shooting numbers of the new mobile users spread across the world. Several travel companies have changed their market pitch and incorporated technology-based changes to build a strong bond with their target audience. To tap the growing potential of the travel and tourism market several hotels and airline companies have piled their extended services in a smart app. A proper smart app not only helps them gauge the soaring demands in the market but also helps them understand the new and evolving trends.

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Mobile Travel Landscape: Game Changers

The steady growth of the smartphone app market is fuelled by factors such as excess availability of app enabled phones in the international market and also the swell of deep-pocketed customers. Reduced data charges are also one of the few factors that are expediting the growth of the segment. The global sale of app enabled phones has soared immensely in the last few years. User-friendly, affordable smartphones have changed the mobile travel landscape in a massive way. The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries and the sector has grown diversely and gained momentum with modernisation. The inclusion of advanced technologies such as travel-friendly mobile apps has brought the world under the finger tip of a traveller. Mushrooming new tourist destinations, more spending capacity of travellers, and innovation in the field of tourism has expanded the horizon and also significantly altered the mobile travel landscape. Incorporation of several tourism promotion measures undertaken by private and government stakeholders is another key factor that has impacted the mobile travel landscape.

Mobile Travel Landscape: Restraints

The mobile travel landscape is changing fast and multiple technological advancements are backing the growth of the travel industry. The mobile travel industry is clamped by several factors. Firstly, the mobile travel industry is largely dependent on apps and the usage of mobile apps is limited within a certain social spectrum. App enabled smartphones have not completely penetrated into developing or underdeveloped economies of the world. Though the travel industry is booming, the travel and tourism sector around the world is badly fractured by several terror attacks in the recent past, which has also impacted the free flow of tourists in those tense zones of the world. This has adversely affected the growth of the mobile travel landscape.

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Mobile Travel Landscape: Top Players

The mobile travel landscape is crowded with several tour and travel organisations. Most of the airlines and hotels have custom-made mobile apps to cater to the needs of their targeted customers. Amongst the lot, a few of the companies have curated convenient and consumer friendly apps to build connect with global travellers. Travel apps such as TripIt, GateGuru, HopStop, Tweetdeck, Yelp and Hipstamatic are some of the popular apps that are changing the mobile travel landscape gradually.

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