Fastening House Atlantic Moving for eCommerce Solution in Construction

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Construction industry in Canada has built its way to many triumphs and success that are truly unmatched in their progress. To date, construction industry has been an important pioneer of all other industries in the country. The steady progress depends on having a strong, versatile and reliable partner in the construction business.

Opening new vistas of development and progress; the services of Fastening House Atlantic have been indispensable and inevitable to many accolades.

For three long decades, Fastening House Atlantic has been a reliable and crucial provider to the Maritime Provinces in meeting construction and industrial objectives; with services that are unmatched in their excellence. With expertise and specialization in electrical, mechanical, general contractors, and subcontractors, it provides a versatile variety of over 35,000 product categories. FHA has transformed itself into an indispensable platform that offers one stop solution, making itself a reliable partner in the construction industry. FHA has a new eCommerce website live on this month which provide One Stop Shop for all Construction and Industrial supplies. Browse our website if you are looking for a specific manufacturer and their related products.

FHA has proved itself to be a distinguished entity in Nova Scotia by not just its effective services, but by ensuring YOU get the best of its services. It has made this possible, by joining hands with nearly 45 reputed and trusted suppliers and product lines like 3M, Dewalt, Capital Safety, Ductmate, Erico, Milwaukee, Walter, BBH, Bunzel and more.

The advantages of going eCommerce are limitless. Through an eCommerce platform, a business can reach out and can be well connected to their clients at all times. It saves up on the operational costs and attracts new customers. FHA changed the entire game and trends of purchasing construction tools and products, by embracing and moving to an effective eCcommerce solutions to help in construction.

FHA has dutifully reached out to businesses, regardless of their size by its reliable eCommerce platform. Quality and timely delivery of products is an aspect that proves to be deal breaker for many manufacturers and is something that should not be compromised on. Through its eCommerce platform, FHA has surmounted the challenges of quality and timely delivery, by providing a wide range of products at the most competitive rates in the entire product market, through a systematic and time savvy procedure.

Fastening Housing Atlantic has left no stone unturned in granting its vast client base access to the best products, services and collaboration; all at a one stop shop. Understanding that most of manufactures and builders are more comfortable with an online buying experience, FHA has inculcated features in its eCommerce website to assist better user experience.

Options like easy customer registration, Wish list for future buying, Request for Quote for Bulk Buying etc, website users are kept on track and ease with their weekly/monthly haul for products and avail exciting services. FHA features client testimonials and undoubtedly all clients attest to the company’s excellent servitude. FHA is keen on saving you costs and keep to your budget by offering free delivery all over the nation. FHA seeks to keep the clients updated with the trends of the construction industry, fresh content, promotions, product training opportunities and innovative technology through newsletters. FHA’s services include Onsite Delivery, Inventory Management Control, Product Training and Inspection and Repair Services.

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